Sun Blaster T5HO Complete kit with fixture 24W 6400K - 2'
Sun Blaster T5HO Complete kit with fixture 24W 6400K - 2'

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Sun Blaster T5HO Complete kit with fixture 24W 6400K - 2'

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Quick Overview

Electronic ballast
6400K lamp
power cord
jumper plug and mounting clips

    Product Description

    Cost effective to operate, easy to install, using only 24, 39 or 54 watts per lamp, long lamp life of over 10,000 hours, SunBlaster fixtures and lamps provide outstanding performance and reliability for long term use, maximizing your investment in bith time and money.

    About SunBlaster's T5HO Fixture

    ach fixture comes with our "link-system cable" that allows you to "link" your fixtures in-line with only one power cord. Up to 8 fixtures can be safely run off 1 power cord reducing outlet usage or pricey purchases of power bars. Used as supplemental overhead and side lighting, as well as additional light for tall plants when hung vertically, their slim design allows them to fit virtually anywhere you need additional light.

    About SunBlaster's T5HO Lamp

    SunBlaster's T5HO lamps produce a light of much higher quality than a conventional tube and, as a result, the energy input into the area being lit is much greater and the light penetration is far superior to anything previously available.

    Sunblaster 6400K T5HO lamps simulate natural sunlight and are ideal for cuttings and vegetative growth.For maximum output and efficiency use with SunBlaster T5HO lighting fixtures.

    The SunBlaster 10,000K Super blue T5HO lamp is popular in aquarium applications, and is fast becoming popular as supplemental light for finishing in high value horticultural applications, where essential oil production is desired.

    These lamps require a special T5HO Fixture and can not be used in standard fluorescent fixtures.

    When you're looking for flexibility, reliability and performance, Sunblaster T5HO fictures are your smart choice!