Nutri+ the Beast - Bloom Treatment 227 ml
Nutri+ the Beast - Bloom Treatment 227 ml

Nutri+ the Beast - Bloom Treatment 227 ml

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the Beast - Flowering treatment for regulating plant growth
Ideal for vertical gardens
A blend of fruit enzymes
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    Product Description

    Nutri Plus the Beast - Bloom treatment

    The BEAST 6-6-6 is a concentrated (1:1000) fertilizer treatment that supplies the proper ratio of nutrients for flowering plants. The BEAST 6-6-6 does not delay ripening or contain toxic agents.

    • Ideal for vertical gardens
    • Dominate vertical growth and halt stretching
    • Flowering treatment for regulating vertical plant growth
    • Creates larger flowers and increases yield
    • Dramatically reduces stretching
    • Contains all the elements necessary to effectively support the development of flowers and fruits and ensure the efficiency of active ingredients
    • Uses cutting-edge nutrient translocation technology for enhanced absorption and efficiency
    • Highly concentrated and easier to use than comparable products on the market
    • For use at the end of flowering or to modulate stretching at the beginning of flowering

    Mixing instructions
    SHAKE BOTTLE WELL, and mix in 1 ml/L of water WITHOUT any other fertilizers or supplements.
    Adjust pH according to your crop requirements.

    “Sea of green” method: apply in the second week of flowering or when desired height is reached.
    Fruit & flower ripening and hardening treatment: apply once two or three weeks before harvest. Treatments with The BEAST 6-6-6 can be repeated twice if genetic or climatic conditions favour stretching.
    Hydroponic recirculation systems: use same dilution
    rate, keep nutrient solution for 3 to 4 days then resume normal feeding schedule.
    Recycling grow media is not recommended, but can be achieved if proper leaching is done.

    Available sizes: 227 ml, 500 ml and 1 L.