Hygrozyme 4 Liter
Hygrozyme 4 Liter

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Hygrozyme 4 Liter

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Hygrozyme 4 Liter


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Quick Overview

• The cleaner solution
• Guaranteed results
• Secret enzyme formula
• Bacteria free
• Doctor recommended
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    Product Description

    Hygrozyme is
    - easy to use, safe & non-toxic
    - always mixed with water & applied any way you need
    Catylist - Neutral to ALL garden products organic or non organic so you may use without conflict.
    Can be used in all growing stages and before
    - propagation, flowering & almost to the harvest (two weeks prior)
    To obtain best results it is recommended to use Hygrozyme with every watering.

    HYGROZYME may well be "the greatest breakthrough in Horticulture in the last decade." Simply explained: it is developed using a proprietary bio-fermentation process, made from ALL NATURAL ingredients that produce a supply of BACTERIA-FREE enzymes and complex chains of amino acids.


    With Hygrozyme there is no longer a need to introduce or create crop vulnerability by introducing a foreign germ culture to your sterile growing environment. After reviewing current enzymatic market products, it was determined that Hygrozyme actually incorporates all the benefits and capabilities offered by leading enzyme products and much, much more - all in one powerful formula! With Hygrozyme though, there are NO concerns of a limited shelf life or spoilage.

    What can Hygrozyme do for your plants?
    More than you think!



        * Plants will complete their growing cycle faster
        * Hygrozyme will significantly increase any harvest
        * Plants will be healthier and of higher standard and quality
        * It will help to grow bigger and stronger roots
        * It will increase volume of foliage and flowers
        * Plants will benefit from improved soil health and microbial activity
        * Plants will have more nutrients available
        * Hygrozyme will reduce the risk of loss of crop
        * Hygrozyme acts as an anti-stress agent
        * Faster breakdown of residual dead matter and in medium
        * Hygrozyme will make nutrient uptake easier and faster
        * It will help prevent and fight diseases
        * Porosity of soil and other media will increase
        * It will reduce competitors' presence (such as algae)
        * It will extend produce shelf life
        * Hygrozyme helps to preserve cut flowers for a longer time

    It is not a fertilizer or nutrient. It is not a pesticide. It does not contain GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) It's a natural cleaner!

    Hygrozyme is an OMRI approved (Organic Materials Review Institute), naturally derived organic solution, specifically intended to facilitate the removal and expulsion of dead organic matter that may have built up on media or medium surfaces – without altering the normal course of decomposition.

    Hygrozyme acts as a facilitator-cleaner prior to or in conjunction with the sterilization of containerized media, such as plastic mesh, soil, rock wool, coco fibre or agricultural related equipment, including, but not limited to, greenhouse tools, hydroponic systems, air stones, pipes, pumps, buckets, drip feed systems, and reservoir tanks.

    Hygrozyme is the only known natural cleaner in the market that is sterile (bacteria free) and inert. Hygrozyme is produced in accordance with ISO standards (International Standards Organization) and is considered to be of medical grade quality.The technology was identified and originally developed for hospitals. It is now considered to be the world "Gold Standard" of passive cleaning in virtually all hospitals for the purpose of cleaning surgical operating equipment. It has been proven that chemicals alone will not remove dead organic fixatives prior to sterilization.

    Hygrozyme is the only known natural cleaner that can be used in conjunction with other standard cleaning chemicals (i.e. hydrogen peroxide). It can be used alone, where the use of chemicals is prohibited or not welcome. Hygrozyme provides the ideal natural cleaning solution.


    Economical Benefits

        * Significant increase in harvest
        * Faster plant growth will be beneficial in many aspects: less fuel cost, less cost of electricity, less labour cost, reduced capital cost, reduced risk factor, less maintenance cost of equipment and machinery
        * Extended longevity an use of medium and water
        * Savings in fertilizer and related products cost due to more efficient absorption

    Increase In Harvest

    Healthy plants grow bigger, stronger, and faster than unhealthy plants. Clean grow media foster the healthy growth of plants. Hygrozyme helps keeping things clean. When the environment is clean the plant has few competitors for food and oxygen and therefore less stress. Since Hygrozyme aids in the conversion of dead matter into useable plant energy, the plant has a greater and more readily available food supply. The common result of a healthy plant with more food and less stress is root expansion. Greater root mass yields greater top growth. The typical growth increase of plants as per Canadian Research & Science Institute (CRSI) tests:

    Cucumber: Using 2 ml per 1 litre, results have shown up to 30% reduction in grow time with a high quality     increase.
    Lettuce: Australian tests using 2 ml per 1 litre, results have shown up to 30%
    Tomatoes: Using 2 ml per 1 litre, results have shown up to and between 30% - 50% increase in the rate of growth. Examples have shown a decline in grow time of up to 30% with a healthier crop, demonstrating a longer sustainability at the retail market.
    Sunflowers: Using 1.5 ml per 1L, with following results: The average height of plants came to over 4 meters, thickness of stems measured between 8 - 9 cm in diameter. The head of the sunflower measured up to 60 cm in diameter. The seeds were over 1 cm in size. Kernels inside were oversized and hardly any empties were observed.
    Jerusalem Artichokes: Using 0.5 - 1 ml per 1L, results have shown that plants developed massive foliage and grew to a height of 4 meters. Thickness of the stems increased dramatically, and texture became more fibrous. Harvest was increased by over 60% and quality and size of tubers was excellent.


    Cuttings And Cloning

    Hygrozyme is an excellent solution to be used in the cutting and cloning process. It can be used either alone, at 1.5 ml per 1 liter or in conjunction with a preferred cloning compound. Tests have shown that in its presence an expedited growth occurs up to 30% faster than with conventional methods. If used from seed it is most effective in use right after seed germination. Again, CSRI tests showed a robust development and the usual result was up to 30% faster development than conventional methods. Hygrozyme is compatible with all standard cloning and cutting formulas and may be used in conjunction with other solutions or alone.


    Use With Soil, Coco Coir, Rock Wool, And Water

    In tests reviewed by the Canada Science & Research Institute (CSRI) Hygrozyme has been proven "excellent" in maintaining longer use of slabs and hydroponic solutions.

    An increase of up to 30% in longevity has been experienced. In soil, Hygrozyme has proven to increase soil porosity through accelerated breakdown of dead organic matter. Its chief function is to vigorously rid the medium of dead organic matter, thereby preventing disease from setting into the medium.

    As a media rejuvenator, it is used after a harvest as a soak solution and should be applied after a 50% hydration is implemented. At a concentration of up to 2.5 - 3.75 ml per 1 litre a rapid and almost complete reduction in dead bio mass can be observed. Available nutrients are unlocked in the process and, depending on the circumstances, may provide an excellent source of available plant energy for future growth.


    Prophylactic For Disease Prevention – Mold & Mildew

    Hygrozyme is a highly refined enzymatic cleaner facilitator for dead matter. Keeping in mind that it is sterile and inert, Hygrozyme cannot kill anything. Its key role therefore is to act as a prophylactic. Many leaf borne diseases like Black Spot, of Powdery Mildew flourish in the presence of dead matter. Transferred by humans, macro organisms or air borne arrival, these diseases can set in quickly when in the presence of dead matter. The regular use of Hygrozyme can be a deterrent by removing dead matter and at the same time fostering the presence of beneficial micro organisms on leaf surfaces and in the grow medium or hydroponic solution. This is especially the case in combination with compost extracts that contain micro protagonists. For best results it should be used right from the start of a clean system to maintain those conditions. Applications at a rate of 1.5 ml per 1 litre are sufficient.


    Cut Flowers And Harvested Produce

    Hygrozyme has been proven in maintaining the visual appearance and ongoing health of a wide variety of cut flowers: roses, mums, lilies, orchids, etc., as well as a large variety of harvested produce. By using Hygrozyme during the growing cycle, produce (e.g. fruit, vegetables, herbs, etc) will stay fresh longer and appear visually attractive and healthy. This will significantly reduce the amount of spoilage.

    CSRI tests for cut flowers showed that by adding Hygrozyme to a daily change of water, they are able to last in excess of 14 days (with proper cutting and removal of dead leaves). Another unique quality of Hygrozyme is, that it is the only known product in the market that can be used in conjunction with Hydrogen Peroxide in a ppm of 1-2% solution. By adding a 1-2% hydrogen peroxide solution, the results were even more pronounced.


    Use in Pure Hydroponic Systems

    The function of Hygrozyme in pure hydroponic systems is one of acting as a refined natural facilitator/cleaner. Hygrozyme aids in the removal and conversion of dead organic material by facilitating and expediting the natural breakdown progress. What normally might take weeks can be accomplished in minutes with the presence of specific natural enzymes. In a closed hydroponic system are many factors which can facilitate the development of disease. The build up of dead matter is usually the contributing factor to this common problem.

    A build up of dead organic matter occurs in pipes and pumps, where "pockets" for dead matter may exist. Usually this occurs where 90˚ turns are used in piping as well as in air stones and in pumps. This build up of dead organic matter can provide ideal conditions for blight to set in. Cleaning these bio films can be and is a difficult process once the system has been left unattended for even a short period of time. In some cases, only a few minutes or seconds in an area of the system which has less than 6 mg per litre of oxygen can spawn a septic environment. Bio films are difficult to clean. Many experts believe that disease formed may actually enter surfaces of old and decaying plastics and continue to appear even after apparent sterilization, since "dirt" cannot be sterilized.

    Already accepted as the "Gold Standard" in the medical industry of surgical instruments, enzyme formulas have now been proven effective in hydroponics. Used from the outset (as directed) – when starting from a clean system – Hygrozyme will help prevent the build up of bio films leading to disease. Hygrozyme is effective in helping to keep the surfaces of pipes, pumps, reservoirs, and trays free of bio film build up.

    REMEMBER: Hygrozyme does not kill anything. To be effective, it must be used before dead matter can develop and "grab" onto surfaces causing bio film build up - just like fire insurance for your home that must be purchased before the fire.

    As Hygrozyme is the only known market solution that can be used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide in a ppm of 1 - 2% solution, some operators use this combination to clean, sterilize, and oxygenate roots.

        * Use from beginning to end of grow cycle: 2 - 2.5 ml per 1L
        * Breakdown of dead root matter to rejuvenate soil: 2.5 - 3.75 ml per 1L
        * Keep roots cleaner in hydroponic greenhouse systems: 2 - 2.5 ml per 1L
        * For larger root systems: 2 - 2.5 ml per 1L
        * Expedite growth right after seed germination: 1.5 ml per 1L
        * Used as a foliar wash to help stop the development of leaf borne diseases (i.e. powdery mildew) 1.5 ml per 1L
        * 25-50% time saving (shorter growing cycles)

    Hygrozyme is an organic, naturally derived, and sterilized enzymatic formula. The product is a natural "catalyst-cleaner-facilitator" aiding in the breakdown of dead organic matter. It is not systemic to plants. Its function is to help speed up the natural decomposition process and "unlock" complex energy for easier access to the plant.