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In the past 10 years or so, I often heard things like: “My CanFilter is not efficient after 6 months” or “I paid half-price on CAN Filters” or “I put a canfilter in my grow room and it still smells around my house!”  All these comments were about carbon filters for indoor gardening, but none of them were about the original activated-carbon filters (Can-Filters) by the CF Group. My point is that Can-Filter has become the defacto name for all indoor garden activated-carbon filters in the hydroponics and indoor gardening business. The simple explanation for this phenomenon is that CF Group is the pioneer in cylinder-style carbon filters for heavy duty odor control and Can-Filter is the original name associated with the best product any grower can buy.

What is the difference between Can-Filter and the other brand Carbon Filters?

Growers always refer to the name Can-Filter when they talk about carbon filters because Can-Filter has been the industry standard in high-quality construction and odor control reliability for over 20 years. Can-filter has earned this reputation over generations of use by indoor garden enthusiasts around the world. CF Group is very proud of Can-Filter’s world-class reputation and is always happy to point out that these high grade carbon filters are manufactured in America, with the highest standards of quality.

When Can-Filters were introduced, Ozone Generators were Retired and Relegated to the Recycle Bin

Most experienced indoor gardeners, with a couple decades of growing experience, and even some young growers, remember the days when odor control in the grow room was dominated by ozone generators . Despite the fact that many growers were skeptical about the reliability of these O3 producing/ odor attacking devices, many shared the fear that this technology could be harmful to plants, animals and people. When Can-filters arrived on the scene with their super-effective and stylish cylindrical carbon filters, the world of indoor gardening was forever changed and ozone generators were quickly forgotten.

Others try to copy Can-Filter because it has become the Hydroponic Industry Standard in Odor Control

With the surging popularity of Can-Filter, many manufacturers introduced look-a-like products in an attempt to grab a piece of market share of odor control carbon filters for indoor gardening. Over the years, more than a dozen brands of filters have been introduced to the marketplace, but these Chinese-made low quality carbon filter brands were met with lots of resistance because of their uncertain reliability.

It is obvious to the most experienced indoor gardeners that the risk of buying low quality carbon filters from china far outweighs the short-term advantage of saving a few dollars. I am certain that the peace of mind obtained by growing with reliable products always translates into bigger and better yields as well as healthier and more sustainable growing environments.

-Local Rebel, Gardener for life


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