hygrozyme formulaWhat is Hygrozyme?

If you ask the developers of Hygrozyme at Sipco Industries in Canada, they are quick to point out that their product is the ONLY enzyme formula for plants of any real value on the market. The make bold statements like: “Revolutionary Hygrozyme may well be the greatest breakthrough in horticulture in the last decade.” They follow by saying that their secret formula cannot be reverse engineered, and “we may be imitated but never duplicated.” In case this doesn’t peak your curiosity, a little digging online will reveal hundreds, maybe thousands, of unanimously positive testimonials of how amazing Hygrozyme is.

Hygrozyme contains no chemicals!

This product is unique, it is OMRI listed, QMI registered, medically approved, bacteria free, laboratory tested and proven effective by PHD’s, but, most of all, it delivers results! Having said all this, what is Hygrozyme?

I don’t know about you guys, but when I hear nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback about Hygrozyme, delivered with no specific product information and virtually nothing to the contrary; I feel like there is a hidden camera somewhere and I am about to become the chump of the month. So I cannot accept these conclusions without an investigation.

What are Enzymes for Plants?

Without getting too technical, enzymes are organic matter made up of proteins, amino acids, or RNA. Their primary role in plants is to aid in the metabolic process of plants and to assist in the conversion of mineral nutrients into absorbable food for plants. Sometimes with the help of beneficial bacteria, enzymes are essential to help plants metabolize specific minerals. Without exaggerating their significance, enzymes are the primary mechanism by which all living things –plants included- depend on for regulation of metabolic activity. Without enzymes, living organisms cannot make use of minerals available to them. Since enzymes are so important, adding enzymes to any balanced plant nutrition program is essential for plant health.

What makes Hygrozyme Unique among other Enzyme Formulas for Plants?

Since it is clear that plants require enzymes to effectively absorb mineral nutrients, then it is obvious that any successful grower should include enzymes as part of their plant nutrient program. Hygrozyme is the obvious choice and it is truly in a class by itself because of the following unique properties: Bacteria free, unlimited shelf-life, consistent formula, 100% effective guaranteed, compatible with all plant nutrient programs and rooting compounds, no effect on conductivity or pH and even works with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). After evaluating the features and benefits of Hygrozyme, it is clear that Hygrozyme is truly revolutionary and certainly stands out as a unique enzyme formula for plants.



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