Jr. Ponics Fish Garden: Simple Aquaponics for Kids

If you are into hydroponics or indoor gardening, have a fascination with marine life and have kids in your life, then Jr. Ponics was made just for you. Jr Ponics is the ultimate in micro-aquaponics systems customized into a child-friendly educational project for parents and kids. For all you hydro-people, it is the perfect Christmas present for kids who are 8 years old or older. And, if you are into education, the Jr. Ponics Fish Garden belongs in every biology classroom in America.

Jr. Ponics is a Kid-Friendly Hydroponic Garden and Fish Aquarium in One

Aside from the smart and simple look, and the kid-friendly packaging and instruction manual, the Jr.Ponics Fish Garden includes everything you need to grow healthy hydroponic plants and create a vibrant environment for your fish, shrimp, snails and frogs. The Jr Ponics fish garden brings to your home the magic of Mother Nature in a micro-ecosystem where plants, fish and bacteria interact and benefit from each other’s basic life functions.

Jr. Ponics is Like a Mini Deep Water Culture (DWC) that is Powered by Fish

It looks like a basic two-site cloning machine or a mini deep water culture (DWC), but this complete aquaponic system is all about the relationship between plants, fish and microbes. This miniature aquaponics garden includes everything from air-stones and grow-stones to net-cups and air-pumps. It is easy to assemble and contains everything needed to create an environment where fish and plants thrive. It even includes mint seeds, basil seeds and fish food to get you started. The only thing that is not included are the fish.

Jr. Ponics includes Floraduo A & B Base Nutrients by General Hydroponics and Nitrozime by HDI

For those of us who prefer to test the waters with only plants (before adding fish), the Jr Ponics kit includes a complete and balanced two part plant nutrient (Floraduo A & B by General Hydroponics (GH)). Any variety of plants is sure to thrive by adding the prescribed amount of GH base nutrients and the full spectrum of trace minerals and naturally occurring plant growth hormones included in the concentrated algae and seaweed extracts supplied by the Nitrozime (included).

Jr. Ponics Fish Garden also Includes Essential Nitrifying Bacteria

If you decide to jump right in with any combination of aquatic or amphibian “power pets”, then you will skip the General Hydroponics Floraduo plant nutrients and focus on the powerful ammonia-neutralizing effects of the nitrifying bacteria supplied with the Nite-Out II. It is truly amazing to watch how specialized bacteria cultures breakdown the waste of marine animals, and reverse the build-up of ammonia, while facilitating the conversion and absorption of this “waste” into highly rich and nutritious plant food.