A Radical Approach to Plant Nutrition by CX Hydroponics



In the world of hydroponics and outdoor commercial agriculture experts often argue about whether conventional fertilizers or organic plant nutrients are the most effective way to grow. At CX Hydroponics a team of distinguished chemists and agronomists have joined forces and moved way beyond this debate. In the interest of delivering the best and most complete plant nutrients, the team at CX Hydroponics converged organics with salts in a revolutionary process called fusion nutrition. This process fuses the best of organic horticulture technology with the highest grade of conventional crop nutrition. The result of this technology is a supercharged crop fertilizer that is among the most powerful plant nutrition systems in the world.

  • This approach yields results that are unattainable by organic or conventional methods alone.
  • This approach generates superior plant growth rates with higher quality proteins through fusion Nutrition.
  • This approach delivers increased crop yields and superior plant health from the roots and through to the stems and leaves by way of a cutting edge ‘induced resistance’ technology.
  • This approach salvages stressed plants through enzymatic stimulation. CX Hydroponics induced resistance and fusion nutrition help stressed crops overcome challenges in temperature extremes, fluctuations in water supply and saturation from drought to flood, pest and disease stress and transplant shock.
  • CX Hydroponics breakthrough plant nutrition technology is available in a set of products that work in unison to deliver measurable increases in yield and quality of your crops. The full range of CX Hydroponics products is designed to interact in harmony from germination to harvest, in vegetative growth and flowering delivering a complete and superior program for your plants.
  • CX Hydroponics makes available to your crops a complete and balanced plant nutrition program comprised of elevated levels of the highest grade of trace elements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, as well as other organic extracts and humates. This level of plant nutrition and production is achieved only by CX Hydroponics breakthroughs in fusion nutrition technology.
  • This plant nutrition system is unsurpassed in plant specific research and development. With this program, CX Hydroponics sets a new world standard in plant nutrition.

Clone Start, Mighty Growth Enhancer, Regen-a-root, Wilt Guard, Bio Balancer, Superior Potash, Head Masta, Tanlin, PMT and Spotless work hand-in-hand with Ultimate (CX Hydro’s one-part nutrient specially designed for coco, hydro or soil). Developed by CX Hydroponics distinguished team of chemists and agronomists these products are the result of years of R & D in organic and conventional plant nutrition and the fulfillment of induced resistance and fusion nutrition technology.