CX Hydroponics neutralizes Powdery Mildew with PMT


In the quest to grow exceptional crops with massive yields in record breaking time, serious indoor gardeners are constantly working to master all the elements of plant life in a grow room; from PH and conductivity to Lumens, CFMs, temperature and humidity all factors are crucial. They set up plant-specific lighting systems, optimal ventilation systems and water filtration systems – all governed by state-of-the-art climate-controllers and backed up by perpetual monitoring. When this is not enough, they add variables such as CO2 generators, beneficial bacteria and powerful bloom enhancers into the equation just to push the limits of their plants and their sanity.

Powdery Mildew can destroy every leaf and an entire crop before you know it’s there

All this is fun and games until new unwelcome elements enter the growing environment. Pests and fungal infections can take over and decimate a perfect crop and grow environment in minimal time. In fact, with outbreaks of powdery mildew, by the time most inexperienced gardeners spot this leaf infection, it is already too late. It first appears as white spots on the leaves. Given time these spots expand until the entire leaf is covered. As the air blows around a well-ventilated grow room, white fungal spores fly around to all leaves in proximity. As the spores touchdown, the fungi sends root-like appendages into the leaf and drains the cell contents – killing plant cells. Thus the infection spreads throughout every cell on every leaf in your garden until, nothing is left.

Although it may seem to be mild, Powdery mildew is so destructive that even when the leaves are treated and the fungus is killed, there is a good chance the infected leaf will not survive because of the devastating damage caused by the fungal roots on the plant cells. It is always more serious than it first looks.

To make matters worse, if Powdery Mildew has already devastated a crop, the likelihood is that the problem will recur because the fungal spores remain floating the greenhouse or grow room, regardless of how well it is cleaned and disinfected.

PMT by CX Hydroponics delivers a non-toxic Induced Resistance Approach

In an effort to control Powdery Mildew and other chronic fungal infections that are typical in indoor gardening, a distinguished team of chemists and agronomists at CX Hydroponics developed a non-toxic treatment called PMT. This antifungal formula is unique in its effectiveness and its approach. To begin with, PMT works with a unique technology that stimulates the plants immune system to trigger its own defenses against the infection by a process known as ‘induced resisitance.’

Neutralize an outbreak and prevent recurring infestation of Powdery Mildew with CX Hydroponics

PMT is formulated to kill the fungal infection and to prevent future attacks. As described, Powdery Mildew is extremely destructive and thus the best strategy to protect your crop is prevention. PMT should be sprayed regularly on the entire garden – especially if you have already experienced the devastation of Powdery Mildew or if the fungus is common in your area.  It is recommended that PMT be used at the first sign of white spots or even at first suspicion of Powdery Mildew. PMT can be used as a control or preventative treatment from the second week of growth all the way through to harvest.

As a bonus, PMT can also be used as a preventative against Botrytis and bud rot. This non-toxic formula is completely safe for people, animals and the environment and it will save your plants.