Fusion Nutrition Technology by CX Hydroponics delivers a complete and balanced plant-specific nutrient

For years we have heard the arguments about the advantages or disadvantages of growing your favorite plants with organic or salt-based plant nutrients in hydroponics. While the debate rages on, an innovative manufacturer from Western Australia assembled a team of distinguished agronomists and chemists to tackle the issue from a different angle. The company is known as CX Hydroponics; the approach is called Fusion Nutrition and the result is “Ultimate”.

Fusion Nutrition combines the best of both worlds with an abundance of macro and micro plant nutrients

After years of trial work and rigorous crop nutrition testing with both chemical nutrients and organic compounds, the team at CX Hydroponics was successful at crafting a complete and balanced one-part nutrient where beneficial organisms thrive while delivering maximum nutrition and growth to your indoor garden. In Fusion Nutrition Technology, your indoor garden benefits from a highly concentrated mix of the seven major trace elements in addition to more than 50 micro plant nutrients. Selenium, cobalt, iodine and vanadium are examples of nutrients that were usually taken for granted and are now considered key elements in plant nutrition. By bearing in mind that a nutrient is “only as strong as the weakest link” the team at CX Hydroponics crafted Ultimate with an abundance of NPKs as well as ultra-high doses of a broad range of micro plant nutrients.

Distinguished Agronomists and Chemists make up the team at CX Hydroponics

By investing hundreds of millions of dollars in hiring skilled chemists for the development of complete plant nutrition programs, many manufacturers lost sight of the fact the chemists are good at chemistry, but know little about plant biology and nutrition. These elegant plant nutrients look great in their colorful packaging and expensive marketing campaigns, but fall short when mixed in the reservoir and exposed to your plants. Recognizing plant-specific nutrition problems such as hidden hunger is impossible for a chemist, but common for a qualified agronomist. Hidden Hunger and other sub-clinical plant nutrition deficiencies can lead to low yields and flavorless crops without showing any obvious symptoms during growth. In designing their plant nutrition programs, the agronomists at CX Hydroponics specialize in advanced crop production methods that easily identify the potential threats and eliminate the possibility of nutrient deficiencies and compromised yields.

Ultimate for Hydro, Ultimate for Coco and Ultimate for Soil are the result of collaboration between distinguished chemists and agronomists at CX Hydroponics and years of development. Today you don’t have to settle for a one dimensional organic plant nutrient or an incomplete chemical fertilizer designed in a lab without the guidance of a qualified agronomist. Thanks to CX Hydroponics and Fusion Nutrition Technology, growers around the world are seeing huge dividends in crop yields and quality.